Is The Associated Press’ Trump Reporting As Bad As CNN’s?

The Associated Press is a strange animal. The truthfulness of their reporting depends on who’s reporting. For example I trust whatever comes from their diplomatic reporter, Matt Lee. But in other areas such as their reporting about President Trump….well, read the below and decide:

By Andrew West

While CNN has been dominating headlines in recent days with their unfathomable journalistic irresponsibility, it seems as though there are skeletons in several other outlets’ closets as well.

The liberal news network, which gained the notorious nickname of the “Clinton News Network” during their horribly biased coverage of the 2016 Presidential campaign, has been warring with President Donald Trump over their ridiculous content, particularly as it pertains to a democratically invented conspiracy theory regarding Russia’s involvement in Trump’s bid for the White House.  Trump, who is a prolific user of Twitter, has been able to respond to CNN’s lame accusations in realtime,…



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