Is Rex About To Become An Ex?

The latest team Trump personnel change rumor seeping out from the beltway is that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s tenure at Foggy Bottom may be on shaky ground. And based on his interview with Chris Wallace on Sunday, Tillerson may be pushing for it to happen sooner rather than later.

Apparently, the President is dissatisfied with the former Exxon Chief’s “in the box” thinking or as Axios reported:

One time recently, after Trump had returned from a meeting on Afghanistan, a source recalled Trump saying, “Rex just doesn’t get it, he’s totally establishment in his thinking.”

Trump’s frustration with Tillerson includes the fact that he doesn’t have people in the top jobs at Foggy Bottom.

They know he’s reorganizing the agency, but can’t fathom why he’s allowed these crucial jobs to remain in the hands of staff whose diplomatic stature is diminished because they’re “acting”



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