Is Jeff Sessions Laying A Landmine For Special Counsel?

The reports coming out of Attorney General Jeff Sessions office seem to hint that there will be a DOJ-IG probe into the Hillary Clinton email investigation. There have been some startling revelations of biased behavior by DOJ officials and FBI agents. There are also some less than ethical connections between the investigators and the Clinton campaign. 

If this IG investigation gets to the truth, things will get really difficult for the Special Counsel. The defense of the Trump camp becomes far less complicated, based on the loss of integrity of the investigation.

As Written and Reported By Kevin Johnson for USA Today:

WASHINGTON — In early January, news that the Justice Department’s inspector general launched an investigation into the government’s disputed handling of the Hillary Clinton email inquiry was quickly overtaken by the chaotic run-up to President Trump’s inauguration.

Nearly a year later, Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s wide-ranging review of the FBI and Justice’s



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