Is it Time for A Cognitive Exam for Bernie? His Memory is Certainly Failing Him!

I hear there is a great screening tool out there called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment that can tell you if you have any signs of cognitive impairment. If you are a completely stable genius, you will score like President Trump did, a 30 out of 30! Perfect! But if you have any signs of impairment, it can help find the problem. Perhaps it is time ol’ Bernie Sanders takes it because his memory is clearly faulty!

Or maybe it is just selective. Yes, I suppose that is possible too.

As a matter of fact, there seems to be quite a lot of faulty memories out there this week as the Democrats whine and cry about the government shutdown. They seem to be forgetting things they said just a few short years ago when the tables were turned. Lucky for us, we have plenty of video to remind them of their



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