Is Everything the Fault of Climate Change?

There is a running joke in my house. Anytime anything hurts, or someone feels sick, my wife downplays it as “sinuses.” So, now my daughter and I will quickly try and head off this dismissal by saying it for her.

“My stomach is killing me; it’s probably my sinuses.” And we all know that this is not true, but we play it up. It is funny, but it can be a little problematic. If we simply write all health issues off as related to sinuses, we will likely allow a more severe condition to take hold before we act. This is the same problem that the Climate Alarmists are causing with world events.

Breitbart reports

Climate change caused Brexit, Al Gore has claimed.

Gore, who was speaking at an event to promote his latest global warming propaganda documentary – An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power – said the Brexit…



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