Is Europe’s Anti-Dominion Attitude The Judgement of God?

Almost 1300 years ago Christian Europe was obsessed with the Muslim question. The question was not one of immigration but invasion. Virtually every week, the news would come of another Christian city sacked and slaughtered. And the Christian leaders began to ask, is this the judgment of God.

The answer to many in that day was to say yes, God was punishing His Church for her lack of fidelity. They began to refer to the Muslim wars as the Muslim Scourge. Eventually, the Christian leaders began to mount an effective defense against the Islamist invaders.

France was protected, and Spain was liberated. So, now once again, Europe is in danger of disappearing. No longer is Europe Christian, not even in name. And we once again are faced with the question. Is this the judgment of God?

We must ask this because European Christians like their American counterparts are opposed to…



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