IRS: Tea-party group didn’t ‘prevail,’ not entitled to legal fees

Former IRS tax-exempt chief Lois Lerner refused to testify about targeting conservative groups

At least now we know who the Internal Revenue Service is looking to for its political talking points these days.

Back in February, former Attorney General Eric Holder, who was once held in contempt during a tenure pockmarked by scandals from spying on reporters to handing out weapons to Mexican drug cartels, sounded off on the agency.

He was unhappy about the apologies the IRS issued to various tea party groups that came under unconstitutional scrutiny by the IRS in an effort to curb their activities in opposition to Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

WND has reported as courts hearing various cases have rebuked the IRS.

Holder, however, said the targeted organizations deserved no apology for the infringement of their constitutional rights. He claimed the apology amounted to the Trump administration “undercutting career people” at the Justice Department.




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