IRS again pressured to hammer U.S. churches

The atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding – again – that the Internal Revenue Service revoke the tax-exempt status of churches whose ministers express an opinion about a moral issue or a candidate’s position that is deemed political.

The lawsuit against President Trump and IRS Director John Koskinen says any consequent harm to churches is of no concern.

But several pastors and other organizations that would be affected have filed a motion to have the case dismissed.

That request comes from Charles Moodie, Koua Vang, Patrick Malone and Holy Cross Anglican Church, whose arguments were submitted to the U.S. District Court in Wisconsin by the Becket Fund.

“Plaintiff FFRF asks this court to issue an injunction requiring the IRS to penalize internal church teaching, including the preaching of proposed intervenors Rev. Charlies Moodie, Pastor Koua Vang, and Father Patrick Malone to their church congregations, … But since 1871, the United States Supreme Court



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