Iran’s Supreme Leader Calls For Gun Control In US

Now, this is a great argument AGAINST gun control. In a series of tweets issued Sunday, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Supremes, er…the Supreme Leader of Iran and buddy of former President Barack Obama, advocated for gun control in the United States.

In US, 100s are killed every week by homicide for no crime,—no reason—not at the hands of police, as US police brutality is a separate issue. The accessibility of guns leads to homicide; it’s created problems for a country like US, everyone admits, fears, & is concerned about it.

— (@khamenei_ir) March 4, 2018

His answer: Make guns illegal.

“No one dares apply the clear solution to the promotion of guns and homicide in America. What’s the solution? It’s to make guns illegal,” he tweeted.

Or we can do what the supreme leader does in his own country, just cut



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