Iran’s Retaliatory Move Creates Pretext For Peremptory Establishment Of Kurdish State

With the stately-paced diplomatic contradances of the Pax Americana disappearing on the rear horizon, now would be a good time to adjust our brains to the “return of history.”

This is not to say that the return of history is a good thing, or that we should rush eagerly to participate in it as if the last 70 years never even happened.

It is, however, to say that after eight years of the Obama presidency, we do not have the means anymore to reinforce a retaining wall against history’s return.  It’s already happening – has been happening for several years – and we cannot stop it.  It is a reality now, and it is what will shape the course of events.  The stasis in which the world largely constrained itself to observe limits set by American power exists no more.

If we want limits observed, we will have to prove



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