Iran’s Obscure Acts Are Opening Moves In War Against Saudi Arabia

If the odd moves we are seeing in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon indicate a shift closer to war – at least a proxy war – over Iran’s predatory posture in the region, on what kind of timeline might we see more kinetic developments, as the old Obama administration used to put it?

A Saudi decision on Sunday certainly prompts that question.  After Houthi-controlled Yemen claimed the ballistic missile launch against Riyadh – an attack the Saudis credibly blame on Iran and her backing (see here and here as well) – the Saudi regime announced a blockade of Yemeni ports and airspace.

A blockade is considered an act of war by international convention.  Although no one is likely to go to “war-war” with Saudi Arabia over it, at least not soon (the Houthis themselves will basically continue their posture of military harassment against their neighbor), this is a formally disruptive action that potentially has significant consequences.  It’s not a meaningless political gesture.



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