#IranProtests – Iran Controls Social Media, Kills More Protesters

screenshot via twitter

As the #IranProtests grow larger, the government crackdown against them has killed 12 people. Iran has also clamped down on social media – places such as Telegram and Instagram – in an effort to stop the people from organizing, according to SOFREP. But this may be something far different than previous attempts.

On January 1, a nationwide strike was planned. According to some outlets, a few Iranian soldiers and IRGC have turned in their uniforms and joined the protests. One soldier was pictured peeing on the picture of Khomenei. A picture of Khomenei was also torn down in one city. Protesters (or someone) set fire to a Muslin seminary. Anger is fueling the masses.

The sad fact is that the protesters are not armed. If they were, this would have been over the first day and the Islamic Republic would have been turned back to a Democratic



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