Iran Launches Battle To Complete Land Bridge Across Syria To Mediterranean Sea

Note: As reported last week Iran wants to gain control of Deir ez-Zor (in Syria), because doing so will complete her land bridge across Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean.  This move must be blocked if there is to be any hope of stabilizing the Middle East and keeping it peaceful enough to be habitable for its peoples.  If they are to have the opportunity for, prosperity, commerce, consensualism in politics, two-way access to other peoples and cultures, and lives that are not trapped between extremism, state corruption, and incessant infighting, radical-Islamic Iran must not be allowed to dominate the region.

After dispatching the bus convoy with ISIS fighters and their families to Deir ez-Zor Province, Iran moved quickly to expedite a ground force advance from eastern Homs Province toward the city of Deir ez-Zor.

In the four days since my last post Iran-backed Syrian regime forces have pushed rapidly from



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