Intruder Scales White House Fence, Arrested Near Residence

Friday night, an unidentified person jumped the White House fence close to midnight, and was able to make his way to the complex’s south grounds before being arrested.

He or she was carrying a backpack but it was reported that there was nothing hazardous in the bag.

No further information on the intruder has been released. It is strange that someone would make their way onto the grounds. The person had to have known that they would immediately be picked up.

The Secret Service also said the unidentified person scaled an outer-perimeter fence on the White House complex’s southeast side, near the Treasury Building, and was arrested without further incident by an officer in the agency’s Uniformed Division.

A subsequent search of the complex grounds resulted in “nothing of concern to security operations,” the Secret Service said.

The agency also said the person has no “previous history” with the…



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