Into The Abyss We Go…

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Why won’t our politicians ever listen? Americans have made it exceedingly clear that they don’t agree with vaccination mandates, but the administration has decided to ignore the people and do whatever they want anyway. The nationwide OSHA mandate will go into effect early in 2022, and that is putting millions of workers and hundreds of thousands of businesses on the edge. The OSHA mandate will affect the lives of tens of millions of people, and some economists argue that it could potentially result in a severe shortage of highly qualified workers by the beginning of 2022. New estimates point that the order will apply to approximately 84 million workers. Thankfully, many representatives are noticing the immense absurdity of this measure, and some of them are already challenging it in court.
From an economic perspective, this measure will have absolutely disastrous consequences. Especially considering that we’re already in the middle of a severe worker shortage. The fact over 80 million more workers may be pushed out of their jobs is just insane. We’re currently facing the worst supply chain crisis in modern history, and forcing all of these people out of the labor market right in the middle of the upcoming winter will take both the worker shortage and the supply chain crisis to a whole new level. But the government is insisting to do it anyway.
Last week, White House officials announced that staff members of companies with 100 or more employees are required to show proof of vaccination until the end of the first week of January 2022. Those who choose not to comply have to get tested for the virus on a weekly basis and show negative results if they want to keep working. To make things even worse, OSHA warned that companies that fail to comply are eligible to pay a fine of nearly $14,000 per violation.
Other Georgia lawmakers added that “millions of American workers will fight against job losses over the vaccine mandate, but many of them are unfortunately bound to tight non-compete clauses. If terminated, these people will be held in workers’ purgatory — they won’t be able to earn a living, and they can’t find a new job. How are they expected to put food on their table? This is unacceptable!” New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney said the “OSHA rule far exceeds the boundaries of executive authority”: “The President has made the decision to render our constitutional guardrails completely irrelevant,” she added. “It is truly the point of no return for this Administration, and the rule will further exacerbate an already disastrous labor crisis.”
This is where we’re at now: in the middle of a tyrannical uprising led by those who vowed to protect us. Remember the days when America used to be the “land of the free”? Those are far gone by now. The coming months will be incredibly hard. As the new rules push the economy into the abyss, we’re about to see the ongoing shortages getting a whole lot worse and prices spiking to unprecedented levels. The administration’s obsession with vaccine mandates is clearly making them forget about the issues plaguing Americans’ everyday lives. The top concern of our society right now is rising inflation, which economists say will only get worse with the new mandate.
We’re being warned to brace ourselves for “sticker shock” when we go to the stores. A wide range of food products is already facing sharp price hikes. For meat-eaters, the increase is absolutely shocking. Some cuts have surged by 25 percent over the past year, and others are reaching near-record prices, which is making meat one of the biggest contributors to food inflation in the US. And industry experts forecast that meat prices will keep going up through the holidays and beyond. It goes without saying that these problems will continue to intensify over the coming year. That’s why we always recommend you to stock up while you can because many unpleasant disruptions emerge every day. From now on, food prices are only going to get higher, and if you’re amongst those whose job is on the line because of those new mandates, you should start getting ready as soon as you can because very dark days are ahead.​”

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