Interesting Slight of Hand by the DOJ With The Steele Dossier

There are a lot of curious things about The Steele Dossier. It is interesting how the most salacious parts of the report were rapidly put into the hands of the media. It was also interesting to follow the money and to see where all the funding came from. But that is not the most curious part.

Follow me as I explain this one interesting slight of hand. The contents of the dossier were used by the FBI and the DOJ to start investigating the Trump campaign for Russian collusion. It was also used to justify the unmasking of Trump staff names. Here is the kicker: The contents of the dossier were used to prove that the contents of the dossier were real facts. 

As Written By Andrew C. McCarthy tor the National Review:

Will he or won’t he? Will President Trump order the disclosure of any warrant applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court



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