Instead of Firing Brian Ross, ABC Suspends Him and Does What?

ABC News seems to have given no thought to firing Brian Ross. Ross’ report on the plea deal of Trump advisor Michael Flynn put a big dent in the stock market mere minutes after Ross made his report.

The report stated that Flynn was going to testify against the President and effectively bring down the president. That is not the kind of news that the stock market takes easily.Fortunately, the market did recover later.

ABC News had to correct the story and issue corrections. Most of the report was pure fake news and speculation. It was hopeful speculation by a Trump hating reporter. It revealed more of the mainstream media bias against the President and the willingness to print any story, no matter how bad. Do you think Ross should have been fired?

As Written By Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

ABC News says that the reporter at the center of the debacle



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