Inside The White House’s Secret Rooms

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The White House is filled with secret rooms and hidden passageways, and today the famous political residence is worth approximately $400 million. The basement floor of the White House has been described as a shopping center and includes a flower shop, chocolate shop, and carpentry shop. The White House spends as much as $252,000 on flowers every year. The First Family has access to a variety of amenities in the White House. There’s a game room, home cinema, and an outdoor pool. There used to be an indoor pool at the White House, but it was covered over during the Nixon administration. President Nixon chose to build a press briefing room on top of the old indoor pool. Each new president receives a $100,000 budget from congress to redecorate the Oval Office. Some things in the Oval Office are permanent, like the Resolute desk, but incoming presidents can change the curtains, add new rugs, and choose which paintings are put on the wall. The Situation Room was built during the Kennedy administration and is colloquially referred to as the Woodshed. The Situation Room is the intelligence center of the White House, and it’s where the president deals with crises at home and abroad while communicating with the National Security advisor, White House Chief of Staff, and Homeland Security Advisor. Contrary to popular belief, the room is not located in an underground bunker. Watch this video to learn all about the White House’s secret rooms and the history of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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