Inside Iron Mountain: 22 Stories Beneath Earth’s Surface

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Iron Mountain used to be a mine. But now, 22 stories below earth’s surface, the compound of twisting tunnels and unmarked doors in where humanity stores some of its most vital information and priceless art, history and data. Iron Mountain storage facility is used by the federal government to store sensitive data, Bill Gates to store his Corbis photo collection, and companies like Universal Music and Paramount Pictures use it to store the original master recordings of music and movies. You can find priceless recordings from Prince and Elvis Presley, original glass negatives of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous photographs, and historical information, documents and documentaries from companies like National Geographic.

Iron Mountain is a multi-billion dollar company chosen to be the safeguard of information that should never be lost. Armed guards are present 24/7, it has its own fire brigade and it can survive nuclear or direct attacks. No wonder it’s the doomsday bunker of choice for humanity’s information– but it charges some pretty high prices to get the job done. Huge rooms with 100 foot high ceilings store shelf after shelf of sensitive documents, all temperature and humidity controlled. And storage prices are charged based on room size and number of items. The facility will even digitize its documents for clients without ever removing them from their safety beneath the mountain. So what secrets and priceless artifacts are hidden behind Iron Mountain’s many unmarked doors? And how is everything kept safe and in pristine condition? Let’s find out.

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00:00 Intro
00:43 Armed guards and a control room
01:36 Universal Music Vault
02:04 Iron Mountain’s Digital Studio
02:20 Motion Picture Vault
03:03 Getty Photographic Collection
03:21 Bill Gates’ Corbis Image Collection
04:08 Data Storage Centers
04:27 National Geographic Vault
04:45 Temperature Control Room”

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