Infamous Mass-murderer Charles Manson Cost Taxpayers over $2 Million, Double the Cost of Execution

Infamous mass-murderer Charles Manson died Sunday at age 83, after being incarcerated in a California prison for over 45 years, according to CBS News

An article by Ed Leefeldt of CBS News on January 10, 2017 said that Manson’s incarceration cost California taxpayers over $2 million over the course of nearly 46 years.

Two million dollars is a conservative estimate, considering Manson was far from a model prisoner during his 45+ year tenure in the California prison system. That is the average for any prisoner for that long a sentence. Manson committed over 100 other offenses during his 45+ year sentence.

Convicts on death row who also have nothing left to lose by committing further crimes while incarcerated, cost an average of $90,000 more a year than the average inmate, according to one study.

Moreover, the report said that $2 MILLION is double what it would have cost to have



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