Ignored Warning To FBI About Parkland Shooter, ‘He’s Going To Explode’

The media blames guns and the NRA, but the Parkland H.S. massacre would not have happened if the FBI and the Parkland police listened to the people who warned them about Nikolas Cruz. We have the FBI transcript of one of those calls,

A woman close to Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz called the FBI on January 5th to warn that he has guns and wants to kill people.  Reading this FBI transcript will generate anger and sadness. It is unbelievable that warnings this frightening and this detailed were ignored.

The transcript of her phone call below that was released by the FBI redacts the name of the caller, the only identification is her gender as the intake specialist she spoke to calls her ma’am.

She begins with:

“Something is gonna happen. Because he’s, he doesn’t have the mental capacity. He can’t, he’s so outraged if someone talks to him about



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