If You Can’t Beat The News Than Hire Them

Breitbart News Takes Over Trump Campaign (Image: MGN)

Donald Trump has once again changed his campaign team. Trump has now welcomed Steven Bannon as his new chief executive and Kellyanne Conway as his new campaign manager. The shake-up comes after Manafort and Trump’s relationship has continued to decay. Trump has continuously been behind Hillary in the past few weeks and he needs to reform his campaign if he has any chance of beating her in November.

Donald Trump seems to have no problem with change. He has already gone through two campaign managers and now he is bringing on his third. The constant upsets and public scrutiny in the media are not only getting to Trump’s campaign but also to his head. So he’s bringing in the heavy hitters. His past managers have been two different breeds. Lewandowski was more of a softer touch and had a very delicate way…



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