If we want to stop Robert Mueller here’s how to do it [Video]

Leave it to the Talk Radio Host of the right, Rush Limbaugh, to see exactly what the end game is to stop Mueller. The Talkmaster has analyzed the efforts of the media, the Democrat Party, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller is not trying to find real collusion between the Russians and Trump. Everyone knows that it does not exist. The whole gambit is about the House and 2018. Here is what Rush says that conservatives must do.

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As Written By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

For those on the right who fear the “endgame” of the “bogus and illegitimate” Russia collusion investigation, the Big Voice on the Right has a message: defeat the Democrats in 2018 because the special counsel’s real goal is not really to indict President Trump but to provide Democrats the grounds to impeach him should they can win the House of Representatives.

Limbaugh spent much of



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