If We Don’t Fix It They WILL!

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If we don’t fix it, they will! I made that statement a few days ago in an article about the student’s movement from Parkland, Florida. Since then their movement has grown exponentially. From President Trump to Marco Rubio these young people have been in their face with pointed, and not so juvenile questions that our more seasoned statesmen cannot answer. These boys and girls are not glued to their iPads. They just returned from seventeen funerals of friends and teachers they knew. People that they saw that morning. People they expected to see every morning until they saw them in the box.

Rubio is a cackle babble head in a box. He kept talking about “agendas” when asked if he’d take one dollar from the NRA. Of course he’d take that dollar. He’d also take a dollar from George Soros, Putin, and El Chappo! He’s



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