ICE Official: Cartels Involved in Deadly Human Smuggling

The human smuggling operation that left 10 people dead inside a packed, sweltering tractor-trailer in Texas over the weekend could not have taken place without the help of Mexican drug cartels, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement official told The Associated Press.

“There’s a lot of money to be made, which is really the primary motivator and the primary driver for these types of individuals and these types of organizations because at the end they’re trying to make money, which is what makes these organizations so dangerous,” said Shane Folden, special agent in charge of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations office in San Antonio. “They don’t really put a value on human life, and they don’t treat these individuals as people. They consider them cargo, or a commodity, a means to make money.”

Cartels such as the Zetas control specific areas south of the border, and organizations that want to do business



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