ICE Has Rep Luis Gutierrez Placed in Cuffs…I’m Lovin’ it

Rep Luis Gutierrez was temporarily placed in restraints after refusing to leave a meeting of ICE in Chicago.  Gutierrez, who believes that only illegal alien invaders have rights in the United States, ignored numerous warnings to leave or face arrest.  Gutierrez likes to think of himself as the Latin MLK.

The arrest came after the Representative led a sit-in including illegal aliens who were demanding information on specific cases of deportation.

“They were asking about specific cases and about the general conduct of ICE and deportations,” Gutierrez spokesman Douglas Rivlin said. “The congressman has decided that he did not get the answers he was looking for from the ICE regional director and he’s going to be staying inside until he gets answers, even if that means risking arrest.”

Once Gutierrez decided…



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