I Didn’t Claw My Way Up Food Chain To Only Eat Vegetables

There are few things in this world that are as simultaneously annoying and hilarious as PETA, or, the People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Much like the cults of Crossfit and veganism today, PETA began as a small but vocal number of heavily opinionated twerps who simply wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.  While this stubbornness is often considered a positive trait, especially in certain fields of work, when it comes to leisure activities and activism, this arrogance and self-assurance can be an enormous deterrent to the general population.

In PETA’s case, however, their tactics have been shown to be so incredibly vile that they are constantly being opposed by a vast majority of Americans.  Anti-PETA campaigns have sprung up around the nation in order to dam the river of rhetoric flowing forth from the organization.

The beef with PETA, (pun entirely intended), begins and ends with

Andrew West

Andrew West

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