I Am Proud To Be An American

I am proud to be an American! I was born white, I didn’t choose it. I do not owe you anything, whoever you are. And I will not apologize for being so.


I do not support the KKK. I do not support BLM. I do not support Antifa. I do not support ANY terrorist group, foreign or domestic. I do not support racism. I do not support the far left. I do not support the far right. I do not support ignorance either.


I support and respect the U.S. constitution 100%. I support the U.S. Military. I support our police officers, who in fact, serve and protect.
I judge ALL people on their character, the words that come out of their mouths and the actions that follow (and their grammar, on occasion, LOL). If you act like a thug, I will treat you as one. If you respect



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