Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi: New Tax Bill is Un-Patriotic

Nancy Pelosi was heckled during a town hall on taxes from a citizen asking a very simple question.

During last night’s gathering, the Democratic House Minority Leaders went off on the Republican tax bill and even called it “unpatriotic.”

Yanking down flags is unpatriotic. A tax bill that you disagree with isn’t necessary patriotic.

During the town hall, Pelosi’s focus was on Trump’s recent tax cuts, saying that Trump’s actions have resulted in “cuts to initiatives that help people… the national budget should be a statement of our national values, what is important as a nation.”

Sure, and those national values should be decided by the very party that was outright rejected by the voters.

Pelosi Cares About American Pride Now: “Unpatriotic!”

According to Pelosi,

“It’s unpatriotic…to do a fair tax bill, but it is about our country.”

Democrats are certainly well known for their national pride.



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