HYPOCRISY: US To Help Build A Wall On The Entire Tunisia/Libya Border

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There’s been a lot of talk about building walls this election cycle. Donald Trump famously has built a campaign around building a wall between Mexico and the US and having Mexico pay for it.

He has been laughed at, mocked, maligned, and threatened for this stance. People have said it could never be done and the whole thing was a political stunt cooked up by Mr. Trump.

The liberal left and even the Pope (who lives behind a wall) have called it downright inhumane.

The Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton have derided and jeered at the idea of building a wall. The wall critics have piously stated, “That’s not who we are” or “We build bridges not walls”.

So explain this hypocrisy…according to IntelligenceBriefs.com we are funding and building a massive wall and equipping it with high-tech electronic surveillance equipment to run the entire length of the Tunisia/Libya…



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