Hurricane Maria Spaghetti Models All Agree East Coast Safe

Hurricane Maria’s spaghetti models agree the U.S. East Coast is safe for now, but experts said mainlanders should still stay informed about the storm’s progress.

One of the models – which resemble strands of cooked spaghetti when overlaying each other – produced by the Weather Underground shows the eye of Maria, which slammed into Puerto Rico on Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane, spinning out to sea once it takes a sharp, northern turn.

The track is similar to other models before Maria hit the U.S. island U.S. territory, showing that the storm would spare Florida, which was recently ravaged by Hurricane Irma.

“Spaghetti models” for #Maria. Most take it well east of FL/Carolinas…

— SevereStudios (@severestudios) September 19, 2017

Hurricane #Maria spaghetti tracks. So far, so good for FL. But it’s early and models will shift so check back for updates. @CBS12

— Jeff Berardelli



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