Hurricane Harvey: Vet Group Deploys To Assist Relief Effort

HOUSTON, TX — In Houston right now, ravaged by Harvey, a group of 236 (and counting) volunteers is in deployment mode. Consisting of veterans, first responders, and “kickass civilians,” Team Rubicon specializes in helping people in areas stricken by disasters and when Harvey hit, they answered the call in military fashion: Operation Hard Hustle was born.

Team Rubicon volunteers are called “Greyshirts,” a simple moniker based on their T-shirts. One Greyshirt, Stephen Reid, came from New York, where he used to be a detective. “I travelled 1,800 miles to live on a cot for a week and to do this,” he said.

He recalled helping a hysterical small lady. “I gave her a hug,” he said. The woman’s father was sick and needed his medication, which was stuck inside their flooded house. “We look nothing alike. We’re from two separate worlds,” Reid said, knowing that years earlier, his own mother’s



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