HuffPost editor tweets New Year’s resolution: ‘Kill all men’

McCombs – Source: Twitter

On Friday, HuffPost editor Emily McCombs issued a tweet containing her New Year’s resolutions.  One of those resolutions simply read: “Band together to kill all men.”

“New Year’s resolutions: 1. Cultivate female friendships 2. Band together to kill all men,” she tweeted.

The tweet was deleted, but not before it was captured for posterity:

Editor of @HuffPost wants to “kill all men” #Feminism #SJWs #mentalillness

— Tom Ace (@TomAceLegal) December 30, 2017

The deleted tweet was also archived and can be seen here.

According to the Daily Caller (edited for language):

McCombs, who serves as the “Editorial Director of Parents” for HuffPo, previously wrote an article in November titled, “I Don’t Know If I Can Raise A Good Man.”

In the post, she talks about her own son, saying, “(o)f course, we all want to raise feminist sons. I wrote an article a few months



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