HuffPo Writer – White Athletes Who Don’t Kneel Are White Supremacists

Jess Benn is the author of a piece run by the Huffington Post on the 25th of September.

He styles himself as a “dad, partner, engaged citizen, opinionated writer, leftist, PhD student”.

I might add a few things to that list after reading his piece where he calls out whites who don’t kneel for the anthem as “White Supremacists”.

He tries to explain: “It’s a question of privilege.”

Not really Jess. It’s about honor to those who have served our flag for generations. Blacks, Whites, Asians, Indians, Hispanics, and everything in between.

It’s understanding the feeling of watching a wife be handed a triangle folded flag under a twenty-one gun salute and not being willing to let anyone of any race disrespect that.

I realize there is apparently a large section of Americans who view service to our country as menial, as somehow lesser. Those Americans get to enjoy the



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