How Working Too Much Affects Your Heart

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You are under 50 years old and work for long hours every day? Then you have more chances of having a stroke. Did you know that?

According to research published on the website of the American Heart Association, long, daily workloads may be a risk factor for strokes.

Strokes happen when there is a blockage or rupture of the vessels that take blood to the brain, causing paralysis in the area that didn’t receive adequate blood circulation.

This study was done with 200,000 people by collecting data related to the occurrence of strokes, including factors such as age, gender, smoking habits, and hours of work.

The workload was considered long when it exceeded 10 hours a day for at least 50 days a year.

After analyzing the data, the researchers noticed that individuals under 50 years that had long workloads for years were more prone to suffer from strokes.

Watch the video to learn more about this research and how working too much can affect your health.

Tell us, how many hours do you work per day? How are your eating and wellness habits? Has your workload stayed the same for the last 10 years?

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