‘How we make money? AML Bitcoin giveaway’

WASHINGTON – What’s the game plan for a struggling pioneer in independent media facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles erected by the “Digital Cartel”?

How will WND beat the odds and raise enough money not just to survive but prosper?

WND founder Joseph Farah is betting the answer is a Bitcoin giveaway campaign.

How can you possibly make money giving away Bitcoin, the hottest investment in the world today?

Farah is resuming a fund-raising campaign for WND today, but this time he’s not just begging. He’s offering a premium of free Bitcoin – not just any, mind you, but the latest entry into the cybercurrency sweepstakes with patented anti-theft and anti-hacking technology – to donors based on the amount they give.

“This may be the first fund-raising campaign in which donors end up getting their money back and maybe then some,” says Farah.

Take part in in WND’s AML Bitcoin giveaway!



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