How to Pick The Best Fruits Every Time

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In today’s video, you will learn how to pick the best fruits to take home!

It is no secret that to have a healthy diet, you need to eat fruits, vegetables, and greens.

When you buy fruits at the market, it is important to pay attention to a few points to make sure that you will get all of their benefits.

Do you know how to pick fruits at the market?

Many times, we are misled by the appearance of fruits. Then, when we get home, we find out that they aren’t as tasty as they are beautiful. Some aren’t ripe yet, others don’t last long enough.

If that happens to you, now you will learn how to avoid it:

It can’t be neither too hard nor too soft to the touch.

The more yellow it is, the better!

The ideal banana is yellow and has no green spots on its extremities.

Choose the heaviest and most firm ones, as they have the most juice.

A smooth peel indicates a lot of juice.

Choose the ones that have a yellow/orange peel.

There are many types of mangoes, but, in general, the fruit must have a sweet smell and a yellow/reddish color.

Passion fruit
Its skin must be firm, shiny, and yellow.

It must be firm to the touch. If it is soft, don’t buy it.

Watch the suggested video to learn how to choose the best one!

Choose the ones that aren’t too big and have a strong red color, without dark or soft spots.

When the skin is green, it means it is not ripe yet.

It should have a vibrant orange color.

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