How the Trump Administration Can Unlock the Mysteries of Space

Last year at a Florida campaign rally, President Trump promised to “refocus [NASA’s] mission on space exploration” so that “America will [once again] lead the way into the stars.” This summer, Trump made good on his word by signing an executive order to revive the long-dormant National Space Council.

This month, under the chairmanship of Vice President Mike Pence, the National Space Council held its first meeting in 25 years with the mission of streamlining and better coordinating national space policy. The first conference was aptly titled “Leading the Next Frontier.” Judging by how it was set up, the Trump administration may be poised to do just that – have America lead in space once again.

The Council appears to be as apolitical as they come. Comprised of government leaders both from civil and military space, every industry leader seems to have its place in the Washington’s new decision-making.




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