How The Spider-Man Actors Spend Their Millions

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Playing the coveted role in Spider-Man is a guaranteed career maker. Whether you’re playing the titular role with Sony or Marvel, Peter Parker is definitely an iconic character. In the 21st century, three actors have played this role; Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and of course, Tom Holland. After these three men made it on the big screen, they either had their career jump started and they moved on to more roles that paid well, or they enjoyed their earnings with interesting purchases. For example, Tom Holland bought chickens during the pandemic because he was having a hard time finding eggs. Tobey Maguire spent millions of dollars on a patch of dirt in an area of Los Angeles. Andrew Garfield bought a few cars and even bought a house with then-girlfriend, Emma Stone. Of course, that’s not all they’re buying, and this is just skimming the surface. It looks like Tobey Maguire is the highest-earning Spider-Man currently, or at least the Spider-Man with the highest net worth. Then we have Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield almost neck and neck. What’s interesting about Tom is he is pretty frugal. But he’s also a guy in his mid-20s and he lives as such. He lives simply besides a few amazing purchases, like a Porsche and an Audi. He is also very generous with his money like donating to charity or buying gifts for his friends and family. Let’s dive deeper into how the Spider-Man actors spend their millions!

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Written by: Alex Matsuo
Narrated by: Alex Matsuo
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