How The Prince Of Brunei Spent $20 BILLION

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Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei is part of one of the richest royal families in the entire world. His brother, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, controls the royal family’s fortune, which totals more than $30 billion. But Prince Jefri has been having fun with his family’s money, doing everything from buying five-star hotels and luxury yachts to million-dollar rugs woven with real gold and jewels. The Prince of Brunei even own one of the UK’s most expensive homes– St. John’s Lodge in London– and a party-pad in Las Vegas with 18 bedrooms.

But perhaps what’s most impressive is the sheer number of things he actually owns, from 500 properties and 250 businesses to over 2,300 cars. His car collection is made up of rare vehicles like two Jet Black McLaren F1s and a Porsche 550 Spyder. But according to a collector, he doesn’t always keep his priceless vehicles in the best condition. Maybe it’s because he prefers other ways of travelling– he has nine personal aircrafts, including a private Boeing 747 jet and a Sikorsky helicopter. He also owns a fleet of five boats. Once, he even paid millions to have Michael Jackson perform at the Sultan’s 50th birthday party, where a stadium was custom made just for the event. So, what’s it like to live like a man who can hire Michael Jackson? Here’s everything we know about the Prince of Brunei’s strange and lavish purchases– as well as what happened after he was accused of stealing billions from Brunei.

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00:37 A collection of five-star hotels
02:49 More than 2,000 luxury vehicles
03:49 Private planes, helicopters and yachts
04:36 The strangely extravagant
05:34 How he made– then lost– his money”

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