How Team Hillary Invented The Trump Russia Scandal

The Washington Post reported that the funding for Trump Dossier research was paid for in a large part by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. None the info in the dossier was ever proven to be true, but when leaked the document was said to have “revealed” ties between Team Trump and Russia.  Hillary Clinton’s team took that dossier information and used it to create the fake Russia scandal immediately their hero was defeated by Donald Trump

According to the book “Shattered” written by Liberal Jonathan Allen who is a Politico editor, and Amy Parnes who writes for The Hill the Clinton Campaign hatched the Russia narrative 24 hours after her loss as an excuse for their campaign failure! After the Hillary loss, they began an incredible marketing effort with the help of every Democrat and the mainstream media.

The authors spoke to multiple campaign sources and Clinton campaign staffers to write the



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