How Much Blood Will Mueller Need To Let His Ego Quit The Chase?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a lot of personal reputation tied up in the Russian collusion witch hunt. He has a reputation like the Canadian Mounties of always getting his man. What if there is no “man” to get and he spends all that money, time, and energy pursuing a ghost that isn’t there?  How much blood will he need to be able to let his ego quit the chase? Read on.

As Written By James Miller for the American Thinker:

How is this revenge movie going to end?

Every legal trial is also an emotional revenge drama. The legal system tries to impose whatever dignity, fairness, and honesty it can on the bloodthirsty aspects of accusations and punishments. But the more emotionally involved people become, the more easily we can turn into a primitive mob.

Well, we now have the most bloodthirsty “media” in American history.

The media mob desperately wants to



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