How Much A Monster Truck Show Really Costs

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Monster truck rallies are a billion-dollar industry, and some of the best drivers in the world can earn $285,000 per season. However, the salaries of monster truck drivers can vary greatly. Some make as little as $29,000 per year. There are a number of prominent monster truck tours including Monster Jam and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks live. Monster trucks are incredibly expensive. The massive machines can cost $250,000, and it costs a minimum of $150,000 to get a truck competition ready. A monster truck body costs at least $15,000 and engines cost about $50,000. The average monster truck team goes through about five engines per season. Tires cost about $2600 each, and monster truck teams typically spend about $150,000 per season on maintenance and repairs. It takes a lot of money to prepare for a monster truck rally. Expenses can add up quickly. Tour organizers have to build tracks from scratch and a monster truck tour can use as much as 700,000 cubic yards of dirt every year. Monster truck tours can crush about $1.5 million worth of cars every year. Monster truck shows often feature fireworks and pyrotechnics. Thousands of dollars worth of fireworks are set off during a monster truck’s final run. Half time shows at monster truck rallies often feature spectacles like car-crushing robots and motocross events. The fire-breathing Robosaurus cost $2.2 million and it was regularly showcased during Monster Jam. Keep watching to learn the true cost of a monster truck rally.

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