How Have We Come to Have Rights

In a recent post, I discussed the issue of rights.  We said that rights were something with which we are all born.  It is not something that we can earn or purchase.  Rights are ours because we are human.  Being that we are human, these right cannot be taken or stolen.

Even if these rights are not granted or oppressively stripped from a people, those rights are still that peoples’ though they may not be able to enjoy them.  Thus, God’s rough treatment of those tyrants who so treat their people.

Today, we will discuss more fully what we barely touched on yesterday:  Namely, our humanness being the source of our rights.  Yes, being born human has granted to us these rights, but from where have they derived?

The animals are born, but they have no right to property.  The rabbit does not cry over the violation of his right…



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