How Fashion Unicorn Rent the Runway Lost Over 90% of Its Value | WSJ What Went Wrong

Rent the Runway held promise as a disruptor to the fashion industry in the late 2000s in the luxury apparel and accessories market. From Oscar de La Renta to Balenciaga, Rent the Runway partnered with more than 800 designer brands to offer thousands of high-end items. But now, the company is verging on bankruptcy.

WSJ’s Sabela Ojea breaks down why Rent the Runway’s stock has plummeted over 90% and why it’s shuttered all five of its stores.

0:00 Rent the Runway
0:39 The rise
2:41 The turning point
4:19 Competition
5:09 The fall
5:57 What’s next?

What Went Wrong explores the challenging conditions and decisions that led to a company’s downturn.

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