How Dan Bilzerian Lost $50 Million In 1 Year

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Dan Bilzerian calls himself a self-made millionaire, with a $100 million fortune that comes from a competitive career in poker. His net worth of $200 million is made up of these poker winnings as well as endorsement deals thanks to his huge social media following. However, his newest venture, the CBD company Ignite International Brands, hasn’t been doing so well. The company lost $50 million in 2019 and a lot of this loss seems to be due to Bilzerian’s love for luxury, with business expenses going towards things like a $200,000 a month LA mansion rental, yacht rentals, lavish parties, paying his posse of models, and even Star Wars collectibles. Ignite is now in a lot of trouble, with former president Curtis Heffernan suing the company for firing him after he told Bilzerian to stop spending so much of the company’s money.

We gotta say, the evidence is pretty damning, and these expenses get pretty insane. But this isn’t the first time Dan Bilzerian has been a part of some shady business practices. His father, Paul Bilzerian, owes the government $62 million after committing Wall Street fraud, and his son might be lending his name to companies in a bid to protect the family’s assets. Check out our video to find out where Dan got his money from, how much of it was self-made and how much came from a trust-fund, and how Ignite might be able to bounce back– if Dan can cut back on expenses.

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