How a Breakdown in Liberal Ideology Created Trump – Part 1

I’m not like them
But I can pretend
The sun is gone
But I have a light
The day is done
But I’m having fun
I think I’m dumb
Or maybe just happy

– Kurt Cobain, Dumb

My typical writing style consists of taking a particular topic or train of thought and bringing it to some sort of conclusion within a single relatively short post. Today’s topic is simply too expansive for that model, so it’ll be published in at least two parts.

This post needs to be read in the context of my last two posts. If you haven’t read those, you’ll probably have a difficult time fully grasping everything I discuss below. Here are those pieces in case you missed them the first time.

Lost in the Political Wilderness 

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Once again, today’s article will focus on the writings of Ken Wilber. I’ve been completely…



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