Hotel ‘pardons’ visitor 17 years after insane seagull-pepperoni disaster

(Photo: Pixabay)

A popular hotel in the resort city of Victoria, British Columbia, has agreed to “pardon” a visitor from a permanent ban for a “string of unfortunate events” that developed in 2001 and involved some pepperoni and a flock of sea gulls.

It was the Times Colonist that reported how Nick Burchill recently had written to the Fairmont Empress, which he last visited in 2001.

“I come to you, hat-in-hand, to apologize for the damage I had indirectly come to cause and to ask you reconsider my lifetime ban from the property. I hope that you will see fit to either grant me a pardon, or consider my … years away from the Empress as ‘time served.’”

The hotel’s public relations director said the experience Burchill had is “one of those things where you can’t make this stuff up,” and said the hotel had agreed to allow Burchill to



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