Horrors. The House Intelligence Committee has leaks?

Three members of the House Intelligence Committee have noted that there are leaks from the committee’s meetings. It seems that details of their investigation into Russian meddling in our elections keep making it into the public realm. They want the leaks investigated and presumably stopped.

It is obvious that the committee is made up of the members of two political parties, the Democrats, and the Republicans. It is easy to discern from the type of leak and who it was leaked to, which party would be benefiting from a leak. However, it needs to be stopped. Who will do it?

As Written By Melissa Quinn for the Washington Examiner:

Three Republican lawmakers are calling on House leaders to look into leaks from the House Intelligence Committee related to its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election after details of Donald Trump Jr.’s interview with the panel were shared with the media.




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