Hoosiers Students Allowed to Pray At School Once More

It should have never been a question. It was a right guaranteed by the Constitution. That a state had to pass a bill restating this right is ridiculous. But, it has now once again been said that students can exercise their religion on public school campuses.

Christian News reports

The Indiana Senate has passed a bill meant to protect religious expression in public schools.

H.B. 1024 passed 44-5 on Thursday despite opposition from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

“House Bill 1024 only puts prayer back into schools. It does not mandate or force students to participate in it,” said sponsor Rep. John Bartlett, D-Indianapolis. “It is giving Hoosiers the ability to express their faith without fearing discrimination.”

“It also brings clarification to the First Amendment, which allows people to practice their faith. However, it restricts you from forcing your faith on others,” he said.

“Public school students…



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